3D models We use 3D models for data managing and administration. We also record measurement results (digital terrain models) in 3D models and use them to visualize planned or completed earth and construction work.

3D models for remote controlled machines

We create 3D models for controlling machines on the base of project documentation (drawings), and transfer the 3D model form into the machine.
The operator of the respective machine (digger, grader, dozer etc.) is thus able to monitor the planned progression and operate the machine so that the work conforms to the required accuracy without the need for the permanent presence of a geodesist. This method lowers production costs and makes the operation of earthwork more effective due to the partial automatization of the process.

Digital model analysis

Digital model software enables us to:
  • Createcontour plans
  • Createlongitudinal and vertical cross sections
  • Use hypsometric tints
  • Establish gradient ratios
  • Establishthe orientation of slopes in cardinal directions
  • Discover undrained areasin which water is likely to collect, create flood lines

Cubage measurement and calculation

The survey of excavated or delivered mass can, with the aid of the 3D model created from measurements, beused to define the cubage of earthwork and to record it for customers according to specific codesfor each item (gravel, soil).
We use classic geodetic methods for calculating cubage, and in the case of extensive areas, unmanned aircraft systems or laser scanning.

Digital elevation models

We convert the results of 3D measurement into digital elevation models (DEM) which form an inseparable part of the earthwork project documentation.

These models are particularly useful in:

  • Geographic information system applications
  • Visualisations
  • Creation of city models and other analyses

DEM are usually subdivided in:

  • Digital terrain models (DTM, earth surface without artificial objects)
  • Digital surface models (includes artificial objects on the terrain - for example building roofs).
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