Construction surveying Within construction surveying, we establish geodetic polygon networks with the desired accuracy. The thus established geodetic network is then used to transfer the planning documentation to the real world. Then, the construction, monitoring, and final measurement of each geometric parameter of the specific project can take place.

Geodetic polygon networks with pre-defined accuracy

The precise method and accuracy of the polygon network depends on the given project. During building surveying, we take care of:
  • Geodetic polygon network drafts
  • Point stabilization
  • Positioning polygon network points
  • Polygon network adjustment
  • Drawing up the final report

Precision detection of movement / deformation

We will assist you with unstable constructions. If a building is unstable for whatever reason (bedrock, construction, external factors etc.), we will start monitoring it. We regularly evaluate the collected data and inform the contractor.

Setting out buildings, planar structures, railways and roadwork

  • Positioning traverse points for the geometric definition of objects
  • Surveying planar structures to establish their correct location and height
  • Surveying of linear structures (roadwork, railways) to establish the correct direction, location and height

Building survey - simplified construction documents

If the original construction documents are not available, we will create a new, simplified documentation based on actual measurement.
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