Photogrammetry Using photogrammetry, we provide geometric and positional properties of objects based on image data processing.

We use photogrammetry for:

  • Detailed descriptions of technological equipment construction elements
  • Documentation of historical monuments (close photogrammetry)
  • Creation of orthophoto maps and digital elevation models
  • Creation of large and medium scale vector maps (aerial photogrammetry)

Arial photography using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

We use UAS in order to map extensive areas and to create 3D models. The high degree of automatization enables exact flight planning and acquired data processing and is associated with far greater cost-effectiveness and speed than classic methods.

Much faster data collection with a height and position accuracy up to 10 cm.



Thanks to contactless measurements, photogrammetry methods render comprehensive data which are processed according to your requirements.

Aerial photogrammetry is used for:

  • Cubage and area calculations
  • Terrain structure analysis

Close photogrammetry is used for:

  • Evaluating the geometrical parameters of buildings

Point clouds

Point clouds are the primary output of laser scanning and of photogrammetry methods. They consist of alarge number of individual points, of which each is defined by 3D coordinates. To improve visualisation, point clouds can be coloured according to ray reflection intensity (in the case of laser scanning) or using colours from taken photographs.
We can easily extract cross-sections from point clouds and process these further. These are used namely for the creation of digital models.

Orthophoto maps

We create clear orthophoto maps of areas by connecting individual aerial photos. The resulting map represents the actual state of the area at the time of the photography. High resolution cameras position even fine details on the map. Thus, created orthophoto maps are transformed into coordinate reference systems which can be used for:
  • Measuring coordinates and distances
  • Planning of construction progress for managers
  • Documentation of buildings or work sections

3D models from aerial photography

We use aerial photography for the creation of 3D models which describe a given locality.
We create detailed models of extensive areas in a fraction of the time which would be necessary using classic methods.
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