Underground services In the demanding environment of mines, we use state-of-the-art geodesic instruments in order to achieve precise and reliable results. We have many years of experience in surveying underground areas and machines for open-pit as well as underground mining and mineral deposit quarrying.

Mine constructions

We measure existing and set out new underground spaces that consist of various parts. The survey ensures their interconnectivity.
Survey and setting out of underground spaces:
  • Shafts and drifts
  • Technical and servicing rooms, staff rooms
  • Constructions, ore transport technologies, etc.

Polygon networks with pre-defined accuracy

The establishment of underground polygon networks is governed by specific conditions - the limited stabilization possibilities, shorter measurements due to limited space, etc.
We therefore pay particular attention to the planning and performance of the survey itself in order to perform the accuracy of the desired geometric parameters.

Laser scanning

Laser scanning enables fast data collection on large areas whilst ensuring a high point density. Laser scanning is used for:
  • Data collection on large areas quickly and with a high density of points.
  • Documentation of completed projects
  • Evaluating underbreaks and overbreaks in mine construction
  • Comparing the documentation with the real mine construction and subsequent work evaluation.


During driving, we ensure the setting out of the profile that will be the base for face drilling. Whilst setting out the face drilling, we also monitor the tunnel profile and evaluate underbreaks and overbreaks.
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