Mapping For specific client needs, we create thematic maps in large scales (corresponding documents for future building development, utility net documentation, roadwork, railways, factory site maps etc.) We will ensure the preparation of documents, survey the given site, establish a survey net, and provide detailed measuring, computing and processing of the data.

Surveying existing objects

We offer the complete surveying of the actual state of buildings, which can be used to create planning documentation (e.g. for purposes of reconstructing a building). This method, which is particularly valuable for historical buildings, enables us to establish the real relations of construction elements in the buildings (e.g. walls that are not at right angles to each other).
We employ classic geodetic methods or laser scanning for surveying existing objects. Survey results:
  • Ground plans of each storey, cross-sections and building perspectives.
  • Data for creating 3D models.

Survey of the present terrain state

We will document the present state of terrain in a given area.
The surveyed land becomes an inseparable part of the documentation and can be used in future to e.g. compare the original status with the performed changes of the terrain. This enables to define e.g. the cubage of delivered or removed material.
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